A Custom Project Walkthrough: BowlingBeerLLC

The following story is completely fictional. None of the names of characters or companies represent any current or past clients of Origin Nutraceutical. The purpose of this fictional scenario is to give an example of how the Custom Project process works, and what it’s like to do a Custom Project with Origin Nutra.


Don is an insurance agent, living in Colorado. For years he’s been an amateur bowler, and is part of a team that’s competed nationally. At a bowling tournament about a year ago he overheard another competitor talking about their friend who sells “golf supplement drinks” at a local country club. And Don keeps thinking about that. He started to think about how many bowling alley owners he knows, and how many bowlers he knows. Don knows what a lot of bowlers like, and what they might be interested in buying. He’s also been fixing up an old car with his son, but it’s not cheap. 

“Maybe I can make some side income,” Don thinks.

Don starts to research and finds Origin Nutra’s website (that's us!). He reads about the different options he has, and realizes it sounds pretty easy to start a supplement brand. He contacts Origin Nutra, and asks some questions. He finds the answers, and decides to sign an NDA. He has an over-the-phone consultation and finds out that there is already a product line through Origin Nutra’s Private Label that could work for his target audience (bowlers).

But Don has a specific idea in mind so he decides to take the Custom Project route.

He lets Origin Nutra know he definitely wants to do a Custom Project, and he calls an R&D team member to talk about what he wants for his product. He tells them he wants a powdered electrolyte and focus drink, one that ‘tastes like and looks like beer’- including the foam. He pays his Lab Deposit, using a bank that Origin Nutra connected him with. The R&D team comes up with a formula and Don looks at it and tastes it. “It’s not foamy enough, and the texture isn’t smooth enough. It should taste more malty and less fruity,” he emails. While they’re on the phone about another question, the R&D team member reminds Don that he hasn’t specified how he wants his drink mix packaged. They give him a few options, and he picks the packeted option. He has an idea of what he wants the end result to look like, so he asks if Origin Nutra can help him get in contact with a graphic designer and label printing company. Origin Nutra gives him the contacts, and he contacts the graphic designer.

While the R&D team continues to adjust the formula and send him samples, Don sets up his company.

He creates “BowlingBeerBud LLC”, gets a business license, and gets his labels designed. He’s decided the final packaging should have a picture of a beer mug on the front, with supplement facts on the back. Since the formula isn’t finalized yet, he’s having the graphic designer leave a space for the supplement facts, and completes the rest of the design. Don’s final product is named, “BowlingBeer.” He’s contacted several bowling alley owners and a few of them have agreed to let him sell product at their alley. He figures out how they’ll be displayed, and starts a social media page where he posts about bowling and ‘BowlingBeer.’

After almost a full year of thinking about starting a brand, his supplement drink is formulated and ready for production within a few weeks of contacting Origin Nutra.

Don was excited and ready to start his project in full force when he reached out to ask about it. He emailed and called with questions when he had them. He gave input within a day or two of receiving samples during the R&D formulation phase. He’s decided not to work with a fulfillment center because his plan is to sell at the bowling alleys nearby, where he can drop off product himself. Everything is planned and prepared, he’s got a place to store product, and his product packaging is fully designed, including supplement facts based on the latest and final formula he approved. Don has one last sample taste test, and is satisfied. He tells the R&D team, “This is right.” They finalize the formula and send him a Product Approval Form (PAF).

Don signs the PAF. Then Don puts in a Purchase Order (P.O.) and waits to receive his product.

Eight weeks later, Don gets an email from Origin Nutra saying his 'BowlingBeer' product is ready and being shipped to him. He’s excited for product to come. Don’s decided that if this venture is successful, he might start selling more flavors. He can’t wait to see where his newfound entrepreneurship takes him.

Origin Nutraceutical Administrator 11 June 2019