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Private or white labeling is a cost-effective way to enter consumer markets. Private labeling is bulk purchasing a pre-manufactured product, changing it a little, putting your brand name or label on it, and then marketing it as your own. 

For example, a toy company makes teddy bears in bulk. You have a market for teddy bears and purchase three thousand of them. You add a purple ribbon around each little bear's neck, attach a label with your brand name on it, and market it as your teddy bear. That is private labeling. 

In white labeling, the original bulk manufactured product is not altered. You, as the purchaser, only attach your brand’s label to it. In the above teddy bear example, it would be white labeling to purchase the little bears, attach a label with your brand name on it, and market it as your teddy bear. 

Private and White Labeling Is an Inexpensive Way to Start Selling in the Dietary Supplements Market 

The dietary supplement market is worth over $125 Billion and growing. It is forecasted to grow 70% from 2018 to 2026 to reach $210 Billion in 2026. 

Are you interested in developing dietary supplement products, but you do not know where to start? Maybe you have thought of developing a custom formula, but you do not know if you ready to invest that much money. Before you dive in, you might like to figure out what owning a dietary supplement brand is like. 

Origin Nutraceutical wants to help you get started in the supplements market in the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective way possible with our white private label products.  

White Label Supplements at Origin Nutraceutical 

With our motto, “Customer Service is the Origin of Success,” we are one of the highest-quality private label supplement manufacturers available. Contact us today to discover our dedication to customer service.  

We have researched and developed high-quality nutritional supplements, available for online viewing at this link. Start your supplement brand by choosing one supplement or our entire private label product line. Our manufacturing services have these products in the warehouse, pre-packaged in plain white stick packs, ready to be labeled with your unique brand.  

Once you have purchased the required minimum order quantity, it is time for your product’s label design, labeling, and bulk packaging. We provide the ingredients list and the nutritional label information. You provide creative customer label ideas. 

Origin Nutraceutical conveniently partners with graphic artist, JCurtis Design, to help develop your brand label. We also partner with American Label for printing your label on stick packs. 

If you desire help with marketing, we partner with Lincoln Cannon, LLC. Our partner company, Nutra Connection, provides full-service shipping and fulfillment center services catered to small companies or even start-up entrepreneurs. 

Once your product is labeled, you are ready to start marketing and selling. Congratulations on entering the Global Dietary Supplements Market!  

Benefits of Private Label Supplements 

The benefits of using private label supplements are reduced costs and quick turnaround times. Since these products are pre-manufactured and sitting on our shelves, you quickly acquire them at the lowest cost. 

By purchasing our private label supplement, you start marketing and selling your supplement brand without the commitment, time, or cost of custom formulations.  

Origin Nutraceutical Private Label Products 

Our white private label products meet the demands of younger consumers. Consumers 18-34 years old prefer supplements in liquid or powder form. This age group is looking for supplements to help them improve their nutrition, manage weight, boost energy, and reduce anxiety. Our white private label products come in a powder mix. 

Energy Drink 

Our energy drink mix contains 50 mg of caffeine, plus 100% of the daily value of vitamins B3 and B6, and 200% of the daily value of vitamins B5 and B12. Origin Nutraceutical’s private label energy drink naturally helps to promote increased focus and energy. As a known stimulate, caffeine prompts the liver to release sugar for energy. The B Vitamins help bolster and speed up the conversion of food and fat into energy.  

Strawberry Lemonade flavor. 

Weight Management MCT Oil 

Medium-chain triglycerides fats MCT oil may enhance the fat-burning capacity to meet energy needs. Research shows MCT oils may help reduce intraabdominal fat and total fat mass. 

Blue Coconut flavor. 

Calming Sleepy Time Drink 

Our private label sleep aid contains Ashwaghanda and L-Theanine extract to promote feelings of relaxation and calmness to encourage natural sleep. 

Peach Tea Flavor. 

Sports Nutrition/Hydration Drink 

Origin Nutraceutical's sports hydration drink contains electrolytes, chloride, and salts. This drink aids the body in obtaining optimal fluid balance outside and inside of muscle cells, helps enhance muscle contraction and relaxation, and promotes blood flow. 

Pina Colada Flavor. 

Enter the Dietary Supplements Market Today 

Let Origin Nutraceutical help start your journey into the dietary supplements market with our private label supplements. Whatever your contract supplement manufacturing needs are, Origin Nutraceutical is here to serve you. Our Research and Development Team loves working with customers to develop custom formulas. We pride ourselves on outstanding attention to detail and excellent customer service. 

Contact us today! 

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