Updated 13 July 2021 Jae Haroldsen

With the ongoing pandemic, it is no surprise that the use of dietary supplements to support the immune system grew by 27% from 2019 to 2020. A 2020 1survey by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) reports 40% of supplement consumers purchased dietary supplements to improve overall well-being, 32% to support the immune system, and 25% to fill nutrition gaps. 

The biggest market for dietary supplements continues to be vitamins and minerals (98% of supplement users purchase in this category). CRN pinpoints the biggest consumers of supplements are females (77%), those over age 55 (81%), and households making more than $100k (77%). 

CRN also reports supplement brand-consumer loyalty significantly increased during the pandemic. Brand loyalty was highest among males, households with children, people living in urban areas, and those in the top income bracket. In this survey, 69% of supplement users indicated they were loyal to a given supplement brand. 

Developing brand loyalty for your supplement goes beyond using sustainable ingredients. It includes marketing, labeling, and packaging. Fashions and preferences change. What are the top ways to package your supplement to develop brand loyalty in 2021? 

Supplement Brand Forms 

The best dietary supplement packaging depends on the supplement form.  Older supplement users and users living in rural areas prefer supplements in a knock-back and swallow form (pill, tablet, soft gel, or capsule). The top concern for this group is the ease of pill swallowing followed by price. 

Younger supplement users (35 and younger) prefer to chew or drink supplements. This includes gummies, chewable tablets, and powder drink mixes. The top concern for this group is taste and price. 

Regulations for Supplement Packaging 

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), supplement packaging must maintain and ensure the quality of the supplement. Packages must contain a nutritional fact label and ingredients list. The supplement’s advertised and labeled health and/or function claims must comply with FDA regulations. 

Top Ways to Package Pills, Tablets, Soft Gels, or Capsules 

Most consumers expect pills, tablets, soft gels, and capsules to come in plastic bottles. Sachet packaging is an effective option to package these supplement forms in low count numbers.   

Plastic Bottles are safe, convenient, and well-known. Bottles are filled with an exact number count, sealed, capped, and then labeled. (Adding a desiccant to absorb moisture will improve shelf-life.) Plastic bottles are sealed magnetically with a foil through an induction tunnel.  

Sachet packaging increases consumer convenience for travel with a one-time use supplement pack. Sachets are made from foil-lined plastic. Labels are printed on sachets before filling. Sachets are sealed top and bottom by heat and hold 1-3 capsules. 

Top Ways to Package Powder Mixes 

Powder mixes are extremely popular with younger supplement consumers for energy drinks, sports nutrition mixes, and weight loss shakes. Bulk packing in tubs is cost-effective. Single-use packaging in stick packs or pouches increases convenience. 

Bulk packing powders in rigid plastic tubs reduce the price per unit and are more environmentally friendly. Tubs are filled with supplement powder by weight, a desiccant added to prevent clumping, sealed like any other plastic bottle, and then labeled. For measuring convenience, tubs could contain a scoop. 

Packing dietary supplements in stick packs provide single-serving convenience for busy consumers. Consumers open the stick pack, pour the powder into a water bottle, shake to mix, and enjoy. 

Stick packs are made from a foil-lined rolled plastic tube with pre-printed labels. The single long plastic roll is thread through a fill and seal machine. The tube is heat-sealed on the bottom, filled with a single-serving dry powder mix, and then the top is heat-sealed. Since it is a tube, the top of one stick pack becomes the bottom of the next. 

Single-serve consumer convenience increases by packaging powder mix in pouches. With stick packs, the powder can be messy to dump into a water bottle. With pouches, there is no mess since water is added to the powder already inside the pouch. Origin Nutraceutical’s Pouches are made of 100% recyclable plastic and contain a patented mixing ball.  

Top Ways to Package Liquids 

Liquid supplements can be pre-mixed single-serve supplements (energy, sports, or weight loss drinks) or concentrated botanicals. 

Liquid supplements are best packaged in glass or plastic bottles. Bottles are filled, sealed, capped, and then labeled. Liquid fill caps can be either regular screw-on caps or contain a dropper for concentrated supplements. Depending on the supplement, liquid bottles range in size from 2 mL to 10 oz. 

Consumer Packaging Preferences for Dietary Supplements 

Consumers are looking for dietary supplements packaged in lightweight but sustainable materials. The packaging’s functionality is also important to consumers with resealable and travel-friendly options. 

According to the 2020 2Grand View Research market review, tubs and bottles accounted for the largest share of the dietary supplement packaging market. Consumers preferred plastic tubs and bottles. Plastic tubs and bottles offer higher functionality and are less fragile than glass or metal. Packaging made of plastic is light and cost-effective. 

Grand View Research also reported packaging for powder mixes accounted for 45% of the dietary supplement packaging market. Demand for quick on-the-go sports nutrition products like protein or pre-workout supplements and weight loss supplements drives this market. 

Origin Nutraceutical 

For all your dietary supplement packaging needs, turn to Origin Nutraceutical. Our motto is, “Customer Service is the Origin of Success.”  

We provide bottling and sachets packaging for pills, tablets, gummies, and capsules. For powder mixes, we offer bottling, stick packs, sachets, and pouches. And we bottle liquids. Whatever your supplement packaging needs may be, we have you covered.

We also manufacture high-quality supplements in our state-of-the-art facility located in Spanish Fork, Utah. Put our experience, expertise, and customer satisfaction to work for your brand. Contact us today! 

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