Along with our detailed customer service custom formulations options, Origin Nutraceutical is seeking to be one of the leading private label supplement manufacturers in the Intermountain area.

Origin Nutraceutical stocks prepackaged private label products. These products are waiting to put your brand’s label designs on them. Using our production line’s pre-made nutritional supplements is a great way to increase your brand’s product line while reducing turnaround times required in making and manufacturing custom formulas.

Providing high-quality products at the lowest possible cost is part of our commitment here at Origin Nutraceutical to our outstanding customer service. By using our private label supplements, you receive a high-quality product for your brand’s product line at a significant savings.

Each private label product purchase includes the product formula along with the label supplements facts. A minimum order quantity of 1,500 is required for each product. Contact us today to ask about these great products waiting for your customer label.