Contract Manufacturing Services

Origin Nutraceutical has the capacity for both large and small runs on a variety of platforms. We can help you package an already formulated product, or find a solution for your newest idea.

Bulk Powders: Every one of our products begin with blending quality raw materials into a bulk powder. With our 200L and 1,000L multidirectional mixers, we can blend small or large runs. Origin can deliver it straight to you, or help create your finished product, ready to be delivered to customers.

Capsules: Whether you are creating a new product or matching a current one, Origin can get you the color, strength, and size of gelatin or vegetable capsule you require. Our multiple encapsulation machines allow us the flexibility to create the product you want on the scale you need.

Stick Packs: Meal replacement shakes, pre-workout drinks, herbal teas, and vitamin boosters are just a few of the products we package into popular stick packs. Stick packs are becoming the most convenient way to provide your customers what they need, when they need it. These flexible pouches can be made in a wide variety of designs, sizes, tear functions, and film type to fit the purpose you need. Origin will work with you to ensure your product hits the shelves with the best form for your customers.

Powder Fill: There are a large variety of scoops, bags, pouches, and even bottles available for distributing products. We can help you get your powdered product from its bulk form into bottles or pouches so your customers can use it with ease.

Bottles: Bottles are a great way to deliver your tablets, capsules, or gelatins to a customer. We can bottle your product in a variety of ways, and our lot coding equipment allows you to print anything from text and barcodes to custom logos.

Liquid Fill: Origin has recently expanded to include a liquid fill line. If your product uses a dropper bottle, spray bottle, or any other liquid application, we can help you get your product into its finished form.