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Research & Development

Our Motto

At Origin Nutraceutical, the entire company follows the motto, "Customer Service is the Origin of Success."

Each department, team, and individual applies this motto to their area of work. Everyone in the company works together toward the common goal of creating a high quality experience for each customer.


Meet Our Leaders


Israel Haroldsen (President and Co-Founder)

As a child, Israel Haroldsen gathered herbs on his family’s Idaho farm to make home remedies with his grandmother. With this background, Israel earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Brigham Young University.

Israel’s vast nutraceutical expertise comes from both employment in large dietary supplement manufacturing companies and from running his own independent companies. He has worked as a Product Development Scientist, a Regulatory Manager, a Vice-President over R&D, and a General Manager. His independent companies, which catered to small businesses, have included a microbiological and chemical analysis company and a manufacturing and fulfillment services company.

Recognizing the need for excellent customer service in supplement manufacturing regardless of the size of the customer, Israel helped start Origin Nutraceutical in 2015. With over twenty-three years of experience, Israel strives to provide customers, especially small companies and individual entrepreneurs, with high-quality supplement brands while providing exceptional customer service.


Jordan Smith (Co-Founder)

Jordan Smith, a home-grown Utahn. Jordan worked full-time in supplement manufacturing and nutraceutical customer service while attending Brigham Young University. After graduating with a Facilities Management degree and a Business minor, he worked first as a Project Manager for a real estate development company than as a General Manager for a controls company which spring boarded him to start his own successful construction company.

Jordan decided to return to the nutraceutical and dietary supplement manufacturers industry. As a co-founder, Jordan has helped drive Origin Nutraceutical tremendous growth. Utilizing his broad experience in facilities, business, and sales, Jordan provides outside perspective, adaptability, and versatility to our growing venture.


Rob Hennen (Co-Founder)

Rob Hennen was raised in many different States but his favorite was Texas (College Station and a fan of Texas A&M). Rob has been in Utah for several years now where he has made a career in supplement manufacturing. He graduated from UVSC with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Rob has worked 28 years in this industry and has spent time in manufacturing, shipping, product development, and management. This experience has made him deeply knowledgeable and given him a broad list of experience which he brings to Origin Nutraceutical.

Rob works with many clients in helping them find just the right product for them. He helps with creating and perfecting the formulation of products and has a keen taste to do so. His solid relationships in the industry enable him to stay on top of new and upcoming ingredients for products. He works until he and the client are satisfied. Rob has a great perspective and continues to help with the progress of the company.




Research and Development (R&D)

Whether you are looking to build a weight loss or other nutritional supplements brand, during product development, our R&D team works hard to make your brand affordable, effective, and tasty. R&D embodies our motto, “Customer Service is the Origin of Success.” We find vendors with high-quality raw material at affordable prices, set specifications for your brand’s final appearance, and oversee your supplement manufacturing process. R&D makes your brand go from idea to reality.

Customer Service

Customer service maintains excellent communication with our customers throughout the entire brand production process. Our customers will know where their brand is in each stage of brand development, packaging, labeling packaging, and shipping.

Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain team is responsible for planning, procurement, warehouse operations, receiving, inventory management, and distribution logistics. In the planning stage, our team works directly with you, the customer, to identify brand demand and raw material resources. Our goal is to increase customer’s profitability and keep brand production on schedule.


Our Production department precisely follows our R&D team’s instructions for transforming raw materials into the customer’s finished brand. Our production process starts with the cleaning and maintenance of all production equipment. We follow cGMP as required by the FDA and monitored by our Quality Control department. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate objective.

Quality Assistance

Our Quality Assistance department ensures compliance to FDA regulations of our entire state-of-the-art contract manufacturer processes. We focus on optimal process management by developing new strategies to improve our daily cleaning, correct handling of tools, regulation of production processes, and so forth.


All raw materials and finished brand products are received, distributed, and shipped by our Warehouse. Our Warehouse crew communicates closely with our Supply Chain team and our Production Department to furnish raw materials for brand product manufacturing. Our crew is responsible for inventory control and documentation and proper material storage.


Our Regulatory department acts as a liaison between the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), our supplement manufacturing services, and consumers to provide the highest quality health supplement possible. Our Regulatory department works with our Quality Control, Research and Development (R&D), and Management teams to educate and monitor our compliance with Current Good Management Practices (cGMP), standard operating procedures (SOPs), allergen controls, and our Organic, Halal, and Kosher certifications. As cGMP certified, our additional responsibilities include mock recalls, supplier qualifications, audits, and food safety plans.

Human Resources (HR)

Our HR department manages the employee life cycle. Specific duties include recruiting, handling payroll, maintaining employee records, ensuring employee training, offering continuing education, and managing employee’s benefits.


As an FDA registered facility, our Maintenance department oversees the operation of all our machinery. We do periodic preventive maintenance daily, weekly, and monthly. We continuously seek to improve our equipment’s performance to offer the highest quality service.

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