Origin nutraceutical is one of the most renowned supplement manufacturers in the United States. We are recognized for helping companies to accomplish their goals and objectives. Origin provides the tools that start-ups and large companies need to launch new products and promote them.
Our custom formulation service involves brainstorming, designing, and manufacturing finished goods. Also, this service may include:


Carefully following the directions given by our Research and Development (R&D) team, our Batching room sifts and joins all the raw material of the nutritional supplements provided by the warehouse department. We precisely follow R&D’s directions to ensure the right contract manufacturing of our customer’s brand. As an FDA registered facility, our crew is properly trained and follows all current good manufacturing practices (cGMP).




Our Mixing room continues product development by blending the product received from the Batching room to produce a bulk powder blend. This blend is sent to other rooms to continue the product production process.

Powder Fill

Our Powder Fill room receives the powder blend from the Mixing room. Our team fills the bags, cans, or jars with the powder and scoops (if applicable). Then we weigh, seal, and pack the finished product and prep it for shipping. 


Encapsulation and Tableting

Our Encapsulation room can manufacture more than 1,000,000 capsules per day. We are well known as a high-quality capsule manufacturer focused on excellent customer service. Meeting our customer’s expectations is our highest goal.



Our professional bottling team will efficiently bottle, seal, label, and pack your products. Bring your capsules, softgels, tablets, gummies, or whatever supplement you have, and we will bottle it for you. Request a quote today!


Pouch Fill

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to put things like protein powder, drink mixes, or weight loss meal replacements (to name a few) into unique, patented pouches. These patented pouches are new to dietary supplement manufacturing. Origin Nutraceutical is the only company in the United States to offer this unique service. Price quotes are available upon request.

Stick Pack

At Origin Nutraceutical, our Stick Pack room is of the highest quality. We offer a variety of stick pack sizes. We can produce more than 100,000 stick packs in one day. Efficient and dependable customer service is important to our Stick Pack room.


Liquid Fill

Our high-quality Liquid Fill team can manufacture more than 5,000 bottles per day. Regardless if we are filling a private label supplement or other nutritional supplements, customer service is paramount to a job well done. Our Liquid Fill room can fill bottles from two milliliters in size to ten ounces. Let’s work together. Request a quote today!

Other Services

There are some product services that we do not yet offer at Origin Nutraceutical such as softgels, blister packs, gummies, pills, or other dietary supplement manufacturer services. However, customer service is so important to us, we will connect you with companies that can provide these services. We can also help you find a graphic designer for your packaging, fulfillment services for your shipping, label printing services for your product, and web development services for your online store. We want to help you take your brand from initial development to consumers.

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