Scheduling and Lead Times

How long will my product take to get produced?

60 business days (about 11-13 weeks) is our standard lead time.

Won't my lead time be shorter?

Your product will be delivered as soon as it is completed, which may be less than 60 days. Commitments to lead times less than 60 business days must be approved in writing.

When will my product be scheduled for- Bottling, Labeling, Mixing, Etc- In Production?

We don't schedule specific processes (meaning bottling, labeling, mixing, etc.) for individual products. We use discretion and planning to optimize our production schedule

How can I keep my product on schedule?

Materials for your product are ordered after the P.O. is accepted and financial terms are met, but it will not be scheduled for production until ALL customer supplied materials have arrived.

If you are providing material(s): Make sure your materials (including labels) arrive on time. Make sure your materials arrive "WITH" the proper documentation. Incomplete or missing documentation for materials will delay receiving and possibly production. Delays in receiving materials and/or required documentation will result in production delays, and may delay your finished product beyond the original lead time you were given.

Supplying Materials

When can I ship my materials to Origin Nutra?

Ship materials AFTER you have placed a P.O. and received confirmation. Materials without a P.O. cannot be received into our warehouse and may be rejected upon arrival.

What documents are needed if I provide a material (including stick-pack film and labels)?

You will need all of the following documentation: A Certificate of Analysis (CoA); An Allergen Statement; For hemp products, a Hemp Intake Form is also required; For certified materials (such as Organic, Halal, and/or Kosher), additional documents are needed.

What documents are needed if I provide stick-pack film or labels?

For stick-pack film, Origin Nutra requires pre-approval of artwork, to prevent design flaws from affecting production. Providing technical drawings for components and artwork for labels is highly recommended to reduce confusion.


What testing is done on my product?

Identity testing is done on all incoming materials. Microbiology testing is done on most products. Additional testing is done depending on the material.

If I supply a product does it get tested?

Yes. We test your product unless specifically waived when signing a Product Approval Form (PAF).

Product Approval

What is a Product Approval Form?

A Product Approval Form, or PAF, is the final step of the R&D process. It is a document that outlines all of your product's specifications including the ingredients, pricing, packaging, testing, lot code formatting, etc. It also includes all the terms of agreements such as payment, shipping, and legal. If you want to review a PAF and all the included terms and information, we are happy to send a blank copy upon request.

When is a Product Approval Form final?

A PAF is meant to be carefully reviewed for accuracy before signing. It is used as a master copy for our database and is referred to in the event of any questions during production. If a PAF is incorrect, we will work with you to make sure it is to your exact specification, before you sign.

What if I need to change a Product Approval Form?

Revisions to signed and approved PAFs can be made in order to change your product's specification.

If multiple revisions are signed, approved, and then changed in a short period of time Origin Nutra may charge a change fee of $250.

What if I don't like the terms of the Product Approval Form?

Any terms in the PAF may be negotiated, and will supersede those on the PAF, but they must be agreed to by both parties, in writing.

Shipping (Contract Work)

What are the shipping terms?

Standard shipping terms are free on board (FOB) Origin Nutra's facility in Orem, Utah.

Can Origin Nutra ship finished product to me?

We can make shipping arrangements if needed. Ask a customer service member for more information.

Does Origin Nutra do fulfillment?

No, we do not do fulfillment in-house. We partner with NutraConnection, a local fulfillment company who we also ship free to. Visit their website at Ask us for a reference!

Payment (Contract Work)

What are the payment terms?

Standard payment terms are 50% down upon P.O., the remainder due prior to shipment.

Purchase Orders

What is a P.O. Exactly?

A Purchase Order, or P.O., is a commercial document and offer for a buyer to a seller that specifies types, quantities, and agreed pricing for products and services.  In context of working with Origin Nutra: It is your request to have us produce your product.

Where do I send a P.O. to?

Send all P.O.'s to P.O.'s sent elsewhere may not be received in a timely manner.

Will I receive a confirmation of my P.O.?

Yes. If you do not receive a confirmation of your P.O., we have not received it.

If your P.O. is missing information or submitted incorrectly we will inform you of the error and ask you to submit a corrected P.O. Please contact a member of Origin Nutra's Customer Service team if you have sent in a P.O. and not received any response within 1 business day.

How do I know which product I am ordering?

The PAF will have a product name on it that should be used in all P.O.'s you submit; it is the name connected to our production database. You can give us a specific name, or we will create one internally and use it.

Always use the product name as described on the PAF. Using other names or not linking materials (such as labels and film) to the description used on the PAF can cause confusion and delays.

If you would like us to use your internal ID, part number, or any specific naming conventions in the description- let us know. We will gladly do so.