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If your brand focuses on Weight Management. MCT Oils appear to have great benefits in helping people to lose weight. As one of the many weight-loss dietary supplements out there, MCT oil helps the body move from using carbs or proteins to fuel everyday activities to fueling those same activities with unnecessary fat. As a result of using MCT oil, people seeking to lose accumulated fat, burn fat for energy.

MCT oil is made up of medium-chain triglycerides fats. MCT oils are found in coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and dairy products. Using the most sustainable and purest form of MCT oil is important to us. Hence, our private label MCT Oil product is made purely from coconut oil.

Our MCT Oil supplement comes in blue coconut flavor. MCT oil is a vegetarian/keto product. It is an ideal weight loss supplement for people who follow vegetarian or keto diets.

Don’t miss out on adding this great weight management product to your brand’s product line.

Growing evidence suggests MCT oil enhances the body’s ability to burn fat to fuel its energy needs. Studies show that total fat mass and intraabdominal fat deposits were smaller when using MCT oils over olive oil.

It is thought that medium-chained fats more readily oxidize than long-chained fats. MCTs are also less likely to be deposited in fat stores in the body. As a fat loss aid, MCT Oil also curbs the appetite at the same time as boosting brain functioning.

Ongoing studies are looking at additional benefits of using MCT oil supplements. These additional benefits from using MCT Oil may include improving low sugar brain functioning for people with type 1 diabetes, improving insulin resistance and helping trim fat for those dealing with type 2 diabetes, reducing childhood epilepsy seizures that do not respond well to drug treatment when used with a ketogenic diet, improving symptoms of autism when combined with a gluten-free diet, and helping Alzheimer patient’s brain functioning.

It is estimated that the market for MCT oil supplements will grow by a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8%from 2020 to 2027. In 2019, the MCT oil market accounted for 1.7 Billion USD (US Dollars) with MCT oil dietary supplements supplying over half of the entire MCT oil market. Your brand will benefit financially by adding MCT oil to your product line.

Since MCT oil is an oil, using our private label MCT oil powder mix will make transporting and using it much easier for your customers than using a liquid oil. In its powder form, there won’t be any oily spills to clean up. Traveling with an MCT oil mix will be much easier, too.

As a powder mix, your customers will be free to add it into to whatever beverage they choose including hot drinks. However, it is recommended this packet be mixed in 16 fl. oz of cold water.

Here at Origin Nutra, we care about providing high-quality, sustainably sourced products. Hence, our MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) Oil is extracted from Coconut Oil instead of palm oil. (Using palm oil is detrimental to the environment. It is estimated that the area covered by 300 football fields of tropical rain forest is cleared each hour for palm oil production.)

This product is currently available for your private labeler to label it. Once it is labeled you can start benefitting from having it in your product line.

(These MCT Oil statements are for informational purposes only. MCT Oil production and consumption has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is regulated under Title 21. However, not all MCT Oil benefit statements have been evaluated by the FDA.)

MOQ: 30,000 Stick Packs

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