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For brands focused on Sports Nutrition, Hydration drinks are an essential part of your product line. Origin Nutraceutical's sports hydration drink contains salts, chloride, and electrolytes. These ingredients enable the user's body to obtain optimal fluid balance inside and outside of muscle cells, enhance working muscles in relaxation and contraction, and promote proper blood flow.

This drink is designed to deliver needed salts, water, and energy to the bloodstream more efficiently and quickly than drinking water or traditional sports drinks that are laced with unnecessary sugar. We currently offer this product in an island tasting pina colada flavor.

Our Hydration Sports Drink is one of our most requested products.

The 2018 CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements reports that Sports Nutrition is the fastest growing supplement market with new consumers regularly entering the market to reach their fitness goals. Hydration is a major component of meeting any fitness goal.

Sweating is a natural and essential part of exercising. Sweat releases water through skin pores to cool a body starting to heat up. The body is naturally cooled as the water evaporates. But sweat doesn’t only remove water. It also removes important electrolytes and salts which are important for optimal functioning.

Origin Nutraceutical's private label sports hydration drink includes:

Electrolytes: Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium which control the fluid balance in muscles and regulates blood pressure.

Chloride which keeps the fluid inside and outside of the cells in balance. It also helps promote proper blood pH, pressure, and volume.

Sodium helps the body retain fluid and maintain cell fluid balance. Sodium also gives the muscles micro-energy shots by aiding in muscle relaxation and contraction.

It is recommended to mix our hydration drink with 16 fl. oz of cold water to speed the cooling of internal organs while exercising.

Including hydration sports drinks in a powder form in your product line is cost-effective over private label beverages sports drinks. Cost savings advantages over beverage production and beverage manufacturing are found in reduced packaging, manufacturing processes, and storage requirements. Using our powdered hydration drink in your brand also allows your consumers the flexibility to mix it with energy drinks.

Our Private Label Sports Drinks/Hydration Drinks are ready for your brand’s label design to be printed on them today!

MOQ: 30,000 Stick Packs

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