Origin Nutraceutical is one of the most renowned supplement manufacturers in the United States. We are recognized for helping companies to accomplish their goals and objectives. Origin provides the tools that start-ups and large companies need to launch new products and promote them. Our custom formulation service involves brainstorming, designing, and manufacturing finished goods. Learn more about our services →


Customer Recommendations

If a picture paints a thousand words, then a customer recommendation subsequently quantifies the integrity and quality of a company. Our customer recommendations show our commitment to integrity, open communication, the latest manufacturing processes, quality ingredients, and performance. When you choose to work with Origin Nutraceutical, you choose a company that wants to invest in your enterprise and your brand.

Quality Certifications

Building and marketing your brand with dietary manufacturing certifications automatically indicates to consumers the quality and purity of your product. The Hartman Group Sustainability 2019 Report shows 26% of consumers will pay more for supplement brands that support the sustainable practices of organic sources and processing. Origin Nutraceutical demonstrates our commitment to your brand’s quality by maintaining compliance with organic, kosher, and halal certifications. Besides meeting the requirements of these certificates ensures your product is manufactured and marketed in the most cost-effective way possible by reducing waste and avoiding recalls.

  • FDA Registered, GMP Certified

    GMP Certified

    Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification shows a supplement manufacturer’s commitment to high quality manufacturing and testing.

  • Certified Organic

    Certified Organic

    Organic Certification requires careful ingredient sourcing and equipment cleaning to avoid non-organic materials and genetically modified organisms.

  • Certified Kosher

    Certified Kosher

    Kosher Certification requires conforming to Jewish dietary laws and includes unannounced quarterly inspections of sources and processes.

  • Certified Halal

    Certified Halal

    Halal Certification requires ingredients and production process are approved by Islamic consumption laws and annual renewed certification.

Customer Service Is the Origin of Success

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