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Our Mission

We could go on at length about why we started this supplement manufacturing company. Instead, let us save you the time and sum it up.

We want our customers to return again and again...And we'll work to make it happen.

Our team

israel harolDsen


As a child, Israel Haroldsen gathered herbs on his family’s Idaho farm to make home remedies with his grandmother. With this background, Israel earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Southern Utah University.

Israel’s vast nutraceutical expertise comes from both employment in large dietary supplement manufacturing companies and from running his own independent companies. He has worked as a Product Development Scientist, a Regulatory Manager, a Vice-President over R&D, and a General Manager. His independent companies, which catered to small businesses, have included a microbiological and chemical analysis company and a manufacturing and fulfillment services company.

Recognizing the need for excellent customer service in supplement manufacturing regardless of the size of the customer, Israel helped start Origin Nutraceutical in 2015. With over twenty-three years of experience, Israel strives to provide customers, especially small companies and individual entrepreneurs, with high-quality supplement brands while providing exceptional customer service.

Jordan Smith


Jordan is a dynamic person, often seen scaling walls and crushing ice. He generously spends many lunch breaks translating ethnic quips for Korean refugees while writing lyrics for off-Broadway musicals for mimes. He manages time efficiently. He woos women with his sensuous and godlike bagpipe playing and can pilot bicycles up steep inclines with unflagging speed. He can cook thirty-minute brownies in twenty minutes. Everyone is fairly certain that he is in the witness protection program.


One time, in Korea, he single-handedly defended a small village from a horde of ferocious bullet ants using only a hoe and a medium sized canteen of water. He can hurl tennis rackets at small moving objects with deadly accuracy. On weekends he is the team captain of the Folders, in the countywide full-contact origami league. Despite being a private citizen, he receives fan mail. His deft floral arrangements have earned him fame in international botany circles. Small children trust him. Speak like Yoda he can.


As a published apiarist his natural and organic honey is bacteria-resistant indefinitely, and highly sought after by Benedictine monks world-wide to serve as a kosher poultice. Chuck Norris avoids him.


Jordan can balance, weave, dodge, frolic, expectorate, and laugh like his godfather, Santa Claus. He can hear frequencies above 20,000 Hz. He breeds prize-winning clams. He coaches winning soccer teams. And wakeboards surf behind him.


It goes without saying, and without elaboration that he is relatively mediocre in comparison with what Origin Nutraceutical offers clients.

Rob hennen


Rob Hennen was raised in many different States but his favorite was Texas (College Station and a fan of Texas A&M). Rob has been in Utah for several years now where he has made a career in supplement manufacturing. He graduated from UVSC with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Rob has worked 28 years in this industry and has spent time in manufacturing, shipping, product development, and management. This experience has made him deeply knowledgeable and given him a broad list of experience which he brings to Origin Nutraceutical.

Rob works with many clients in helping them find just the right product for them. He helps with creating and perfecting the formulation of products and has a keen taste to do so. His solid relationships in the industry enable him to stay on top of new and upcoming ingredients for products. He works until he and the client are satisfied. Rob has a great perspective and continues to help with the progress of the company.

contact us

151 East 3450 North Ste 201

Spanish Fork, Ut 84660

Tel: (801) 607-2436

Hours of operation

Mon-Fri: 8AM to 4:30PM

Sat-Sun: Closed

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