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The following story is completely fictional. None of the characters or companies represent any current or past clients of Origin Nutraceutical; however, the story is not different from reality. The purpose of this fictional scenario is to give an example of the Custom Project process when creating your brand’s nutritional supplements. Don is an insurance agent, living in Colorado. The past year his daughter has been competing as an Irish Step Dancer. The competitions, called feiseanna are all-day events, involving hundreds of dancers in jeweled dresses and Miss Piggy wigs. As Don’s daughter advances in the competition levels, the costs are mounting. If he is ever going to be able to afford those fancy dresses, he needs some additional revenue. Don loves watching his daughter dance with her fast feet and high kicks. He thinks she needs an energy boost and goes out to find a food vendor. While standing in line, he notices the gillies shoe vendor, the Celtic metal vendor, the tiara vendor, and all the people milling about, some of them tired dancers, and then it hits him. I could make some serious money selling an energy supplement at these competitions.

Don starts researching and finds Origin Nutra, an FDA registered dietary supplement manufacturer (that's us!). He reads about the different options he has and realizes it sounds relatively simple to start a health supplement brand. He contacts Origin Nutra’s customer service and asks some questions. He decides to sign a non-disclosure agreement. In an over-the-phone consultation, he finds there is already a product line through Origin Nutra’s Private Label that could work for his target audience (dancers). But Don has a specific energy supplement idea in mind. He decides to take the Custom Project route. He calls the Sales team to talk about what he wants for his brand. Don tells them he wants a powdered electrolyte and energy drink. He wants to start with two flavors ‘homemade lemonade and strawberry-lime' not too sweet, but not too tart either. Within a few days, Don receives a detailed free price quote. Don pays his lab deposit with a loan from a bank that Origin Nutra connected him with. Don’s excitement mounts as product development begin for his brand. The Research and Development (R&D) team comes up with a formula. Don receives samples. After tasting both samples, Don gives the R&D his feedback. He tells them, “The lemonade is too sweet. The strawberry-lime is just slightly too tart. It needs more strawberry taste. How should Don package his brand?

Next, the R&D team walks Don through the various packaging options. He chooses to use stick packs. He has an idea of what he wants the resulting stick pack graphics to look like. Origin Nutra puts him in contact with a company that does packaging design and a labeling packaging company. While the R&D team continues to adjust the formula and send him samples, Don sets up his company. He creates “Champion Boost, LLC”, gets a business license, and has his label designed. He’s decided the final packaging design should have the silhouette of an Irish step dancer in a high kick on the front with nutritional supplement facts on the back. Don’s final product brand is named, “Champion Boost.” He’s contacted feiseanna vendors. A few of them have agreed to sell his brand at their booths. He figures out how they’ll be displayed and starts a social media page where he posts about Irish Step Dance, feiseanna, and ‘Champion Boost.’ Within a few weeks of contacting Origin Nutra, his energy supplement is formulated and ready for production. Don is very pleased with Origin Nutra’s customer service and quick time frames. Don was ready to run with his brand full speed ahead when he contacted Origin Nutra. He emailed and called with questions when he had them. He gave input within a day or two of receiving samples during the R&D product development phase. He decided not to use fulfillment services because he plans to sell through Feiseanna vendors. Everything is planned and prepared. He’s got a place to store product. His product packaging is fully designed. Don approves one last sample taste test. He tells the R&D team, “This is right.” They finalize the formula and send him a Product Approval Form (PAF). Don signs the PAF. Then Don puts in a Purchase Order (P.O.) and waits to receive his product. Eight weeks later, Don gets an email from Origin Nutra saying his 'Champion Boost' brand is ready for shipment. Don’s decided that if this venture is successful, he might start selling more flavors. He can’t wait to see where his newfound entrepreneurship takes him.

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