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In the past decade, consumers within the United States are increasingly supporting and even demanding companies to not only reduce their environmental impact but to be socially responsible, too. They acknowledge in our global economy the environmental, social, and economic impact their consumption has on developing countries’ resources and quality of life.

What does Sustainability Sourced Mean?

When companies value life (human, animal, and plant) over short-term dollar growth, sustainability and regeneration happens. For dietary supplements, this means raw materials are grown, harvested, and processed in an eco-friendly way with humane working conditions and a reduced carbon footprint.

In an organic mindset, the way raw materials are grown determines the efficiency and potency of the ingredient. Working with sustainable sources best serves both human and ecological communities.

Why Invest in Sustainability and Regeneration of raw material sources?

1. The future of life on earth depends upon us. The climax changes we see happening today along with biodiversity loss threatens the plants on which diet supplements are based.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Dr. Suess, The Lorax

2. Greater Productivity, Reduced Risk, and Enhanced Brand Loyalty result from using sustainably sourced materials according to a 2016 survey conducted by Pure Strategies.

3. Money Savings come from reduced waste, lower supply chain cost, and lower material cost. The 2016 study by Pure Strategies reported that the 153 companies surveyed saw combined savings from their sustainability practices and sources of billions of dollars.

4. Consumers are demanding it. The National Marketing Institute reports 69% of herbal supplement users prefer purchasing brands focused on health and sustainability. Of that 69% of herbal supplement users, 86% prefer an environmentally friendly brand.

The Hartman Group Sustainability 2019 Report says 26% of consumers will pay more for supplement brands that support sustainable practices.

“A demand for natural, specifically whole food ingredients will continue to push brands to improve the quality of their offerings and to be transparent about ingredient content and sourcing.” - Karen Formanski, Health and Wellness Analyst

5. Employees want to work for companies striving to be both social and ethical in doing the best thing for the well-being of all life on earth. Looking at employee satisfaction and productivity, a study by Mercer, found people working for a company with a defined, strong sense of purpose were three times more likely to be thriving.

How to make Your Brand Thrive in today’s supplement market.

  • Using sustainably sourced materials is a mid to long-term investment. Choosing to use sustainable raw ingredients now won’t be the cheapest option to your bottom dollar today, but it will build a larger profit revenue overtime.

  • Ask questions about raw material supply chains including weed and pest control practices. You never know when you will find something to help you build a better, more marketable brand. “Never underestimate the power of questions. They get you information and build relationships with suppliers.” Erin Smith, Wish Gardens Herbs

  • Educate yourself and your team on how best to provide a high-quality sustainable brand to a booming market. Include applying practices found in The SHP Sustainability and Regenerative Tool Kit.

  • When you use certified sustainably raw materials make sure you properly label and advertise it as such. You will see employee and customer satisfaction and loyalty grow as people want to be a part of a company who is consciously making the world a better place.

At Origin Nutraceutical, we are doing our part to source sustainable materials for a better world. We are committed to supplying organic, kosher, and halal products to meet your brand's needs.


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