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Updated: Apr 12, 2021

With our unique Pouch Filling Services, we seal your dry powder formula along with a patented shaker ball into stand-up pouches made from recycled plastic packaging material. These pouches are designed for convenience. Consumers simply open the sealed pouch, add water, reseal, shake to mix, and then enjoy.

Think Outside the Box

The 2020 CRN Consumer Survey notes the up and coming generation (18-34-years old) prefer dietary supplements in gummies, powder mixes, liquid filling, and soft chews.

Our individually portioned pouches are perfect for this generation. They are one-time use, lightweight, and conducive to activities on the go. These pouches could be stored in a vehicle for a high-speed energy burst at a sporting event or activities like backpacking, long-distance biking, or wilderness canoeing without the extra weight contained in liquid supplements.

The powder supplement ideas are endless. They include hydration salts, protein powders, pre, and post-workout mixes, fiber, and energy supplements to name a few.

One of a Kind

Origin Nutra is one of the very few companies in the United State to offer pouch fill contract packaging. Get into this budding market and give your customers a new way to conveniently pack and use their supplements in their busy, active lives.

Additional Origin Nutraceutical Services

Origin Nutraceutical offers many types of product in our dietary supplement manufacturing services including custom formulation, product development, and even private label options.

We also provide numerous other contract packaging options. Visit us at to see our various packaging capabilities including bottling, stick pack, and liquid fill to meet all your manufacturing needs.

Through our partner company, Origin Connections, secondary packaging options are available for your brand product including shrink wrapping and kitting.

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