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“Our goal is to provide amazing customer service to every person or company we interact with and thereby provide superior supplement manufacturing services to all our customers. We are continually looking for new opportunities to provide unique products, delivery forms, and services. We partner with other companies to make it as simple as possible for clients to get their products from conception to market-ready.” - Israel Haroldsen, President Origin Nutraceutical

Origin Nutraceutical is an FDA registered facility. Like any other dietary supplement manufacturing company, we provide you, our clients, with the option of developing your product brand by developing custom formulas or using one of our predeveloped private label nutritional supplements.

With so many supplement manufacturers for you to choose from, what makes Origin Nutraceutical stand out from the crowd? Here are nine solid differences:

Our Motto: “Customer Service is the Origin of Success!” Each member of our team from the initial stages in product development to shipping the final product knows providing excellent customer service is our top priority. Everyone in the company works together to make a high-quality experience for each client along with a high-quality product.

Our commitment to excellent customer services is the same regardless if our client is a single entrepreneur looking to make some side money selling sports nutrition private label products or a large dietary supplement brand company. We give the same attention and service to small clients as well as large ones.

Our clear, open communication with our clients about the production of their brand. If we are having an issue with our supply chains obtaining ingredients for your brand, you will know it. If a raw ingredient for your brand fails its initial testing and needs to be replaced, you will know that, too.

With our detailed communication, the client will know exactly where their brand is at any given time and when to expect they can start marketing it.

Our partnerships with other companies to provide a simplified process for clients to take their brand product line from idea to market-ready. Our partnerships include:

  • CTLA – Contract Testing Laboratories of America – provides a wide range of tests and services for supplement manufacturers including microbiology testing.

  • JCurtis Design – owner Jenny Woods is a freelance graphic designer who can walk our clients through various options in their brand’s packaging and label designs.

  • America Label – offers flexographic and digital label solutions for final brand packaging.

  • Lincoln Cannon, LLC – offers web development, digital marketing, and e-commerce services.

  • Nutra Connection – focuses on delivery systems. Nutra Connection has developed into a full-service development intermediary, providing shipping and fulfillment services for dietary and topical health enterprises.

Our numerous individual years of supplement contract manufacturing experience and expertise, including:

  • Israel Haroldsen, President and Co-Founder. With a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Israel’s twenty-three years of nutraceutical expertise comes from both employment in large dietary supplement manufacturing companies and from directing his private independent companies. He has worked as a Product Development Scientist, a Regulatory Manager, a Vice-President over R&D, and a General Manager. His small independent companies have included a microbiological and chemical analysis company and a manufacturing and fulfillment services company.

  • Jordan Smith, Co-Founder. Jordan’s degree in Facilities Management has fueled his twenty-year career including serving as a General Manager in a large control company, his own construction business, and now Origin Nutraceutical. In some ways, Jordan has come full circle. While going to college, Jordan worked in supplement manufacturing and nutraceutical customer service.

  • Rob Hennen, Co-Founder. Rob graduated from UVSC with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. For the last twenty-eight years, Rob has worked in the supplement manufacturing business, including spending time in manufacturing, shipping, product development, and management. This experience has made him deeply knowledgeable and experienced in the industry.

  • Alejandra Ramos, Quality Assurance Lead. Alejandra has a degree in Business Management and a Masters in Supply Chain Management. Alejandra has worked for Origin Nutraceutical's Quality Assurance team for the past five years.

  • Christian Haroldsen, Research and Development (R&D) Lead. While earning his degree in Criminal Justice, Christian worked in his father’s various private supplement manufacturing companies. Christian has been in the industry for ten years and led the R&D team for the past five years.

  • Jones Ospino, Batching Lead. Jones has been the Batching Lead at Origin Nutraceutical for the past four years. He has a degree in Computing Systems.

Our explicit attention to compliance with the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). (link GMP Certification article) Our Regulatory department works with our Quality Control, Research and Development, and Management teams to educate and monitor our entire manufacturing processes.

We further ensure our compliance with good practices by maintaining our organic, kosher, and halal certifications through our Regulatory and Quality Control teams. These extra certifications (link 7 things to consider when looking for a supplement manufacturer) require precise equipment cleaning to avoid contamination, thorough documentation of raw ingredients identity and purity, and additional quality testing.

Our Quality Assistance team is always developing and implementing new procedures to improve production, daily cleaning, correct handling of tools, regulation of production processes, and more to keep our facility on the cutting edge of innovation and technology.

Along with working to improve our processes ourselves, we listen to our customers for new and innovative ideas to improve our processes and services to give them the best brand at the best possible price. We don’t cut corners, but we do listen to suggestions to streamline our services to make things run smoother and more cost-effective.

We offer numerous Packaging Options including bottling, stick pack, liquid fill, gusseted bag fill, and... pouch fill. We are the only US company to offer unique pouch filling services.

We can package capsules, tablets, softgels, gummy products, liquids, and more. We are flexible enough to even use folding cartons upon the client’s request.

We put the client’s needs first. If we don’t offer the exact services you are looking for in the supplement manufacturing world like the manufacturing of softgels, blister packs, gummies, or pills, we will connect you with companies who can. We want to be part of your company's growth and development.

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